PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS are used to check the piece presence on eoat when the grip is not made by suction cups.

The desired intervention threshold is adjustable by a screw.

A led lights up to indicate the closure of the electrical switch when the set limit is reached.

It is possible to select NO and NC working mode by a switch PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS are composed of two parts: the sensing optical fiber unit and the main unit (amplifier).

Using the correct sensing unit, it is possible to detect the presence of the piece both in direct reflection mode (without mirror) and in through-beam mode (in this case the sensing element is composed of an emitting and a receiver unit).

Sensing units have a very small diameter to allow the installation even in very tight spaces; the reading units are connected to the amplifier via a 1 meter long optical fiber cable.

Note: Using the given cutter it is possible to shorten the optical fiber cable.

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0900008PNPPNP / NPN24 V DC24 V DC120x90x35100 g


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